River's bend design

Located within the Mad River Valley, River's Bend Design is a Landscape design firm focused on weaving ecological systems and organic practices into the built environment...

Frustrated with the status quo of many landscaping companies in VT, River's Bend was first established to provide an alternative method to landscape care and gardening. Certified through NOFA for organic land care and management, we provide safe and sustainable garden and lawncare maintenance in both residential and commercial landscapes.

We are a design and build company whose services include master planning, installing, and maintaining of gardens. Our staff is composed of well trained Landscape Architects and Designers with heavy backgrounds in ecological planning. We work closely with our clients to create spaces that best fit their needs, their environment's needs, and of course, their style. The success of a garden and its design relies heavily on understanding the context and environment around you. We are committed to beautiful, native, and sustainable designs and pride ourselves on being stewards of the environment. Every decision we make, we make with intention. 




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Our office is located out of Valley.Works in Waitsfield, VT



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our services

River's Bend Design was established in the year 2000 with a mission of helping clients reinvent and reimagine their landscapes. Our culmination of education's allow us to be both practitioners and teachers in the landscaping field. 


Design and Consultation

River's Bend designs in both small and large scale. We will work with you to design a master plan for your entire property, create a planting plan for a new patio, or design a solution for the corner of the back yard that never dries out. We will help you brainstorm a fresh renovation for an entryway or create a backyard homestead with raised beds and more.






Homeowners deserve to have the option of an attractive, sustainable lawn without the real dangers posed by synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We determine your soil's needs through independent lab testing and then feed the soil by following the recommendations given in these custom reports as well as keeping within the state & federal laws that protect our environment.  Our program is a 3 year plan using organic fertilizers, aeration and seeding where needed. Soil test included.

Maintenance and renovations

We provide maintenance plans that provide our services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or per season. Per season entails coming once in spring for spring clean up, a visit in summer for maintenance, and once in fall to clean up and put the gardens to bed.

Our renovation services will turn your wild, overgrown, or just plain forgotten garden spaces back into well-maintained,  beautiful, and manageable beds.

VEGETABLE GARDENing and greenhouse services

Choose the level of assistance you need to get the vegetable harvest you want. We have greenhouse facilities where we grow specially requested varieties of vegetables and cut flowers for use in client gardens as well as our own gardens (display and try-out). We recommend our timber frame hemlock raised beds for low- maintenance, high-yield harvests.


Fruit tree and shrub pruning

The pruning program starts as early as the last week in February and continues until the buds break in April. We hold edible landscaping near and dear to our hearts, and we provide our services to enhance the yields and success of your fruiting plants. 






We help homeowners prepare their landscapes for the real estate market or special events . We work with the home or business owner to provide curb appeal and a Feng Shui approach to get potential buyers/guests to admire the threshold. We can recommend both simple or bold changes/additions that will add color, warmth and give an overall well-cared for appearance... adding value for minimal investment.